Phys Ed Class Temporary Relocation

Our gym floor is getting a face lift (varnish) on Friday and we will not be able to be on the floor all of next week. This means we have to make alternate arrangements for the PE classes. We have booked the pool for Monday and will be taking the girls classes in the morning (7E 8BCJDG) and the boys classes in the afternoon (7CD, 8EH) The classes left behind will be in the games room.

We have also booked the pool on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The boys classes will go on Wednesday (8KF, 9EI) and the girls on Friday(7CD, 7E8B) .

For the remainder of the week we will be in the games room showing the video Super Size Me to compliment the grade 7 & 8 health. The grade 9’s will also make use of the games room for their classes. If the weather cooperates we may get outside with the 9’s but we will let them know in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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