Yoga Dance Information

“Yoga Dance is a fusion of yoga and dance. It begins slowly with quiet music for warm-ups and yoga breathing, and as the music quickens so do the movements. It is a fantastic mix of world music which gets bodies moving and people smiling. The dances and moves are mostly led by the facilitator for the whole group but some of each session includes free dance and creative expression is always encouraged. Toward the end the music slows down and we begin to cool down the body, slow our breathing and do a relaxation to finish. Every session has inspiring ideas to accompany the music and movements and promote positive self image and joyful , healthful living in our community. Yoga poses are used throughout the session interwoven into the dances we do. In the end the practice is about moving, stretching, strengthening, and most importantly having fun in a positive group setting.”
Any girls interested in participating in 8 after school sessions from 3:30 – 4:30 are asked to sign up in the office. There is no cost to participants.
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