Stonepark Gives Back!

You are warmly invited to our second annual “Stonepark Gives Back” concert happening on Thursday, April 7 at 7:00 in the school gym.  This is a special fundraising event that allows Stonepark students and staff to give back to the community, both local and global.  The three benefactors of the raised funds are:

  • Farmers Helping Farmers (Stonepark is matched with a school in Kenya)
  • The Charlottetown Food Bank
  • Stonepark Healthy Eating Program

Last year, Stonepark students generated $10,000 (in two weeks!) for the victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake and were rewarded with a fantastic concert.   This year all Stonepark classes will fund-raise for a period of two weeks, and on April 7th we will celebrate with an afternoon concert for the students in appreciation of their support. In addition, this year we will be having an evening concert for families and other community members and we’d love to see you here!   Donations are welcome at the door.

You will be entertained by the following:

The Stratton Crew
Emily and Tyler Proude (of Keltic Kids)
The Pedagogues
Norman Beck
Lock and Load

and others!

Hope to see you here to enjoy our show!

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