Tues. – June 7, 2011 – Day 4

 Cafeteria:  Soft Beef Taco with Rice

Semi Tickets:
Tickets will be available all this week at break in the lobby.

Yearbook Committee:
Hey – Have you seen this year’s excellent yearbook?  The yearbook committee did an awesome job!  I hear there is going to be a yearbook launch and signing party on Wednesday afternoon!  Only those who have pre-bought their books or have the 32$ bucks on them will be able to attend.  So if you want to get into the 2010/2011 yearbook launch on Wednesday afternoon be sure to have your 32 dollars with you on Wednesday.

Any string student who has ticket money for tomorrow’s concert is asked to go to the String room today at 2:05 to pick up their tickets.

Stonepark 2 lost in a close match yesterday in their playoff semi final. East Wiltshire beat Stonepark 24-20. The boys had a great season and represented Stonepark well. Stonepark 1 begins their playoffs today vs Vernon River 1 boys team at 3:30pm on the Cornwall turf. The boys are asked to be excused from class at 2:40pm to catch taxis at 2:45pm by the gym doors.

All library books have to be in, no later than this Friday

Volleyball Club:
The Stonepark Girls volleyball club has a work out today at 3:00 until 4:30 pm. All grade 7 & 8 girls are welcome to attend regardless of ability. For more information contact Mr. Young.

Grade 7 band students should sign up in the band room today if they are interested in percussion auditions.  Auditions are being held today and tomorrow after school.

All band and strings students are reminded that instruments must be handled and stored carefully in the band set-up room.  Please ensure that cases are placed on the shelves carefully and that latches are closed to prevent damage to the instruments.

Breakfast Program:
Next week’s breakfast program will feature “Smoothies” every day.

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