Friday, Day 3

1.  Girls Volleyball, there will be a tryout for grades 7,8, &
9 today.  Good Luck Everybody

2. Tryouts will be held today after school for the girls
second soccer team. Please arrange for pickup at 4:30.

3.  Today at 3:00, ITSS will be doing some work on the new
lab to get it ready. At that time, all staff are asked to log
out of their user and shut their system off. You should
also save any work that you have ongoing at that time.

4.   Teachers interested in receiving newspapers during the
election are asked to send the number of papers
required for your classroom to Suzanne by the of the day
today. We hope to have this started for Monday

5.   Saxophone auditions will continue today at lunch
break and after school.  Please check the sign-up sheet
in the band room to confirm your audition time.

 (b) There will be an early morning band rehearsal for grade
8 band students on Monday beginning at 7:45 a.m.! 

 (c)  There will be a class for grade 7 band students who did
not attend band camp on Monday beginning at 12:35.
Students are reminded to bring instruments and music
for this session.

 (D)  All instrument inventory sheets must be passed in
a.s.a.p!  Thanks

6.  Any student interested in wrestling is asked to come to the school on Monday evenings from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.  No experience necessary, open to all grade levels, weight, male and females.  No charge for the sessions. Further information @

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