Tues. Day 3

1. Cafeteria Special: Baja Stir Fry served on Rice or wrap
with side Caesar salad.

2. Table Tennis: The next table tennis tournament will be held
today from 3-4. All interested participants must sign up
outside Mr. Dunn’s class bottom floor house 8. All are

3. Cell Phones: Do you have old cell phones lying around and
you don’t know what to do with them? Your problem is solved.
Bring them in to Mrs. Ramsay’s classroom at reading period
and drop them in our blue bucket outside the door.Teachers
could also collect these in their own homeroom and leave them
with Mrs. Ramsay at their convenience. We are recycling as
many cell phones as we can. We’d love to have every student
bring one in! We want to be the top province in this event.
Thank you!

4.Library: Yesterday’s Book Quote winner was Halley Campbell 9E.
Today’s book quote is:
a) “Now, I’m determined to avenge her, to make her loss
unforgettable and I can only do that by winning and thereby
making myself unforgettable.”

Go to the library to enter your guess before the end of
lunch. The Book Fair begins today. There is a great
selection of books this fall. Go to the fair to check out
the new titles and a chance to win prizes.

b) The Library will be closed after school today.

5. Field Hockey Girls: Would teachers please excuse members of the girls field hockey team at 2:30 today as they prepare for their semi final game at 3:30 at UPEI

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