Tues. Day 3

1.  Cafeteria Special:    Meat Loaf with mashed potatoes and veg.

2.  Library:  This Thurs. is the beginning if STPK’s Read In. Get your reading  material ready for the Read In’s, 3 days of pleasureable reading in your LA classes. 

3.  Girls AA Basketball: The girls AA basketball team will practice today and tomorrow from 3-4:30. The girls A try outs will continue on Thursday from 5:30-7:00 here at  Stonepark.

4.  Stonepark SuperGroup:  A reminder that the Stonepark Supergroup will meet again on Wednesday at 12:15.

 5.  Updating Student Information:  Eastern School District has requested an update to our database.  Students that fall in one of the following  categories are asked to inform their Homeroom Teachers.  1)  Aboriginal  Students living on a Reserve, 2)  Aboriginal Students not living on a  Reserve, 3) Inuit or Metis.  

6.  Stache Vote:  Students and staff can have their say on a variety of awards  to be given out for this year’s Movember participants. At the morning  break and at lunchtime, you can pay .25 cents and vote for your favorite Mo-Bro and help him win an award for this year. Vote early and vote often. We thank you for your support of this intitiative

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