Tues. Day 1

1.  Cafeteria Special:   Lasagna with a Side Salad or Bread Stick         

Stache Vote:  Students and staff can have their say on a variety of awards to be given out for this year’s Movember participants. At the morning break and at lunchtime, you can pay .25 cents and vote for your favorite Mo-Bro and help him win an award for this year. Vote early and vote often. We thank you for your support of this intitiative.  After day 4 the leading vote getters are: Nelson Valois for Sick Stache, a tie for Sporty Stache between Derek Dunn & Jeff MacEachern, Jeff MacEachern for Scary Stache, Mike Smith for Sucky Stache, Sandy Stratton for Nasty Stache and Norman Beck for Super Stache.

Be the lucky person who gets to paint the moustache of one of the Stonepark Mo-Bros.  All you have to do is be the highest bidder in this public auction. Minimum bid is $5.00 and any raise must be done in increments of .50 cents.  Bidding sheets will be posted outside the
classrooms or office of participating Mo-Bros. The “stache painting” will be held on the cafeteria stage before morning classes on Wednesday. Happy bidding and help support a worthy cause!

3. Table Tennis: The next table tennis tournament will be held on Wednesday, November 30th from 3-4. All interested participants must  sign up outside Mr. Dunn’s class bottom floor house 8. All are welcome!

4. Picture for Yearbook: Grade nine students are reminded to take in a baby picture this week for the yearbook. The deadline is Friday – please submit
to your home room teacher.  All pictures will be returned after the break.

Yearbooks will be sold at lunch break (12:05-12:25) in the foyer from Wednesday December 7th – Friday December 9th.  Prices are $28 or $32  personalized (cash is preferred).  Any parents who are interested in  getting a Christmas Gift Certificate for a yearbook are asked to contact Mme. Labelle (gr. 7), Mrs. Gallant (gr. 8), Mrs. Smith-MacPhail (gr. 7/8), or Mrs. Kirkland (gr. 9) before December 16th.

5.  Library:  Today is the last day of Stonepark’s Read In.  Today’s Celebrity  Readers are Education Minister Alan McIsaac pd5 and ESD Superintendent Ricky Hood pd 6. Don’t forget to enter the contest Who is Reading What?  in the library.

 6.  Music:  Grade 7 band rehearsal is cancelled for today and will be rescheduled to Thursday from 12:30-1:15. There will be a grade 9Honours Band rehearsal on Friday from 7:45-8:30 am


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