Wed. Day 6

Cafeteria Special:  Hard Shell Beef Taco served with Vegetable Rice

Girls Basketball:
The girl’s A  basketball team beat Vernon River yesterday (Tuesday Feb 7) 32-18. Kassie Little had 15 points, Emma Gallant 6 points,  Hallie Currie, Kali Ross, Cristina Lourenso, and Amelia Jenkins each had 2 points and Chloe Paquet had 1 point.

On Saturday in the final game of the Vernon River girls A basketball tournament, Stonepark  beat Gulf Shore 37 – 32.  Kassie Little was tourney MVP and was player of the game against Montague. As well, Cristina Lourenso was player of the game against Souris and Kali Ross was player of the game in the hard-fought final against Gulf Shore in the final game. On Friday we did play the “exhibition” game against Morell where Ally MacKenzie was high scorer with 8 points, Kassie Little and Cristina Lourenso had 6 points each, Emma Gallant had 4 points, Hallie Currie had 3 points and Laura Burge, Emily Shaw and Chloe Paquet each had 2 points.

Hockey Day in Canada:  As part of Hockey Day in Canada, we are going to hold a hockey jersey day this coming Thursday (storm day Friday). All students and staff are encouraged to show their hockey spirit by wearing their favorite hockey sweater on that day.

Any Basketball Payers:  Looking to try out for the badminton team should contact Mr Chaisson house 7, as soon as possible to arrange for a try out.  Grade 8 girls badminton will take place on Friday morning at 7:00.

Boys Phys ED:  Boys a.m. phys ed classes will be swimming tomorrow at the Cari pool.  The classes involved are 7 C, D, F and G an 9 E, L, A and B.  The cost is $3 per swimmer and boys are reminded that the vending machines and snack bar will be out of bounds after the swim but swimmers are encouraged to bring a healthy snack.

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