Wed. Day 3

Cafeteria Special:  Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Cheese
DRAGONS’ DEN:  Will be holding open auditions in Charlottetown on Thursday, March 15th and they are looking for young entrepreneurs to participate in CBC’s hit TV show. The DRAGONS’ DEN team is crisscrossing Canada in search of the best and brightest students with businesses, ideas, unique websites, and innovative products to take on the Dragons. No experience is necessary – more information can be picked up in the main office.
Paper Plane Throwing:  On Wednesday February 29th. there will be a paper air plane throwing contest from the balcony in the main lobby. Students interested in participating can purchase paper next week on Monday and Tuesday at lunch from the guidance office. Each sheet of paper to make the plane cost $2.00 Winner gets a gift certificate to Empire Theatres. Proceeds go to the Stonepark Gives Back Fund.
Badminton tryouts:  Reminder for the Grade 8 boys, that tryouts will be held this afternoon from 3-4:20.
Swim Classes:  Girls swim on tomorrow (Thur.) The following classes that will swim at CARI are:  7CF, 7HE and 8ABF (girls).  The boys classes will swim next Thursday, Day 3.
Grade 9 Math Pascal Math Contest:  This morning there will be a practice session for students participating in the Pascal math contest.  This will be during Period 3 in Mr. Rooney’s room.  It’s important for students to check in with their Period 3 teacher.  It’s also important for Mr. Rooney to get an accurate number of participants so students should try to attend, if possible.  The Pascal Math Contest will be written tomorrow during Periods 1 and 2.  Again, students should check with their Periods 1 and 2 teachers on Day 4
Hat Day – 8H: I just wanted to make everyone aware that 8H is having a hat day today in efforts to raise money for Stonepark Gives Back.  Students who are wearing hats will have a round red sticker to show that they have paid.

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