Friday Day 1

Cafeteria Special:   Winter Carnival Hot Dog Specials -Hotdog served with fries and a small chocolate milk.   Hotdogs will also be available separately for $1.50 each.

Stonepark’s Winter Carnival: Will take place today. Come out and start your March Break with a fun filled day of activities: ski boarding, golf ball relay, toilet paper dress design, arm wrestling, tug of war, and the always favorite Fear Factor. There will also a sock hop in the gym from 1:00- 2:55. The sock hop is free of charge and will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Get out your favorite shades of green and start March Break in style!

Library Books: There is still a number of outstanding overdue library books.  Make sure these overdues are returned or paid for prior to receiving report cards.

Congratulations to Scott MacIntosh (8c) who tied as a runner up for the 2011 game design competition.  Christmas Chimney dash was the name of his game.


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