Tues. Day 3

Cafeteria Special:   Chicken Fajita with Rice
Drama Practice:  Drama practice after school from 3-4. Please make sure you have made arrangements to stay for practice.
Origami Stars:  Students in Mr Shellington have folded 1000 origami stars to present to Mr Campbell on behalf of the grade 7’s. The legend states that if you give someone 1000 stars they will be granted a wish. They have also created a banner to give to Mr Campbell. The banner will be outside Mr Shellington’s room during break for the next 3 days. We would like all the grade 7’s to stop by and sign it before we present the stars and the banner to Mr Campbell.
Congratulations to the badminton team for their great results at the doubles units yesterday.:
In the Bantam Boys division:
First place   – Connor Jinks and Matt Sherren
Third place – James Foster and Taylor MacDonald
In the Bantam Girls division:
First place   – Tina Tavallaein and Maddy MacInnis
Third place  – Cristina Lourenso and Ashley Fitzpatrick
In the Midget Boys division:
Third place   – Jonathan Larter and Shawn Corney
Fourth place  – Jack MacAualy and Cody Doyle
Good luck to all players that are competing today in singles. Players are to meet at the back door at 3:00 pm for taxis
Band Students: The grade 7 band students had a great field trip to Summerside last Friday.  They performed and represented Stonepark very well at the provincial band day at Athena Consolidated School.  Thank you to all of the students and a big thank you to Dave Shellington for helping to chaperone during the day.  Grade 7 band rehearsal is canceled for today and will continue next Tuesday at the usual time.  Enjoy the break today!
All band students must bring Standard of Excellence Band books to classes this week for the book count.

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