Wed. Day 4

Cafeteria Special:   Hot Hamburg with mashed potatoes or fries
Band Students:  All band students must bring Standard of Excellence Band books to classes this week for the book count.
Swim:  The following PE girls classes will swim at CARI pool tomorrow:  8CG, 7DG, 9CF 9LE.
Badminton: Congratulations to the badminton team for their great results yesterday in singles at the unit badminton meet.  Stonepark had 8 players advance to the crossovers on Thursday.  Jack MacAulay, Riley Collier, Maddy Koughn, Connor Jinks, Matt Sherren, Barrington Duffy,Tina Tavallaiean, Maddy MacInnis and Kami Chaisson all advanced to match play.  Best of luck tomorrow.  There will be an optional badminton practice today for those who would like to practice for games tomorrow.
Origami Stars: Some students in Mr Shellington’s class have created 1000 origami stars to present o Mr Campbell. The legend states if you present someone with 1000 origami stars you can grant that person a wish. The students also created a banner to go with the stars and are asking all grade 7’s to stop by Mr Shellington’s class and sign the banner today or tomorrow.  Thanks

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