Mon. Day 5

Cafeteria Special:   Sweet & Sour Meatballs and Veg. Rice
Badminton: We would like to congratulate the school badminton team for an outstanding weekend at the Provincial Badminton meet. We are very proud to announce that Stonepark claimed the provincial team title in both bantam boys and bantam girls play.  A result which can be attributed to the collective effort and competitiveness of the entire badminton team.
In the bantam division, Stonepark won 4 gold medals.
Girls Singles Gold Medal – Tina Tavallaeian
Girls Doubles Gold Medal – Tina Tavallaeian and Maddy MacInnis
Boys Singles Gold Medal – Connor Jinks
Boys Doubles Gold Medal – Connor Jinks and Matthew Sherren
In the midget division, Jack MacAulay won the silver medal in singles.
We would like to congratulate the entire badminton team for their hard work this badminton season.  Great work!
Softball: Girls softball tryout tomorrow 3-4:30.  All girls must have indoor and outdoor sneakers and a glove.
Track and Field: Track and field practices will begin on Tuesday after school.  Interested students are asked to be in the gym at 3:15 – dressed appropriately – for practice.  Practice will end at 4:00 pm.

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