Dress Code Reminder

Our school wishes to promote an atmosphere of respect. Students and teachers are expected to wear appropriate clothing to school. Taking into account the changing fashion trends, and what is appropriate in a school setting, the following regulations will be in effect at this school.  This dress code pertains to all school activities including field trips, dances, extra-curricular activities, etc.

• Skirts, shorts and dresses must be mid-thigh length or longer when standing comfortably straight. (Spandex maybe worn underneath to comply with mid-thigh length requirements)

• Pants must be worn at waist height.

• Students’ clothing cannot depict messages, whether written or picture form, which are
profane, demeaning or promote illegal or inappropriate activity, or promote the use of
alcohol or drugs.

• Clothing that will be considered inappropriate includes: pyjamas, spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops, low-cut revealing tops, muscle shirts and tank tops (these garments cannot be worn under a sweater that only partially cover up). Clothing must cover the stomach area and no undergarments can be showing.

• Hats, bandanas and caps are to be removed upon entering the building.

• Students must wear footwear for health reasons and in the event of the need for a
sudden evacuation of the building.

• Open toe footwear is not permitted in the woods or metals lab areas of industrial arts.

• It is recommended that a student’s clothing and material be very clearly marked with the student’s name and other identification.

• The administration reserves the right to define the term “inappropriate.” Students
failing to comply will be required to change into appropriate clothing before entering class.

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