Thurs. Day 6

Cafeteria Special:   Whatever is in the cupboards. – Surprise
Students: Are reminded that, according to our dress code, their shorts need to mid-thigh in length. “Short shorts” may be worn but need to have spandex worn underneath in order to conform to the dress code. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter
National Youth Track and Field:  Flyers have been posted around the school for the 2012 Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships in August. There is free admission for students, so come on out and watch the Olympians of the future compete here on the island.
“Yearbooks Have Arrived! If you have pre-purchased a yearbook, your homeroom teacher will deliver it to you this morning. Students who are still wishing to purchase a yearbook may do so for a cost of $32 (cash is preferred). Yearbooks will be on sale in the lobby during noon hour today and for the rest of the week. Don’t miss out on a chance to to get your book of Stonepark memories.” School Teams:  Would all members of the school golf, flag football and softball teams who have not returned their school jersey please see Mrs. Steele following announcements
Library: There are 163 library books still to be passed in.  Please return the books or pay the replacement costs.

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