Tues. Day 3

Cafeteria:  Students are reminded that this is the last day for the cafeteria. Students can still eat in the cafeteria but no products will be available for purchase.
“Yearbooks Have Arrived!   Students who are still wishing to purchase a yearbook may do so for a cost of $32 (cash is preferred). Yearbooks will be on sale in the lobby during noon hour all this week. Don’t miss out on a chance to get your book of Stonepark memories.”
Bus Schedule: Students are reminded that Tuesday will be the last day for buses to transfer to Rural, with the exception of Buses 3 and 83,that will continue going to Rural on the 20th. Starting Wednesday, students are to catch the bus that takes them home here at the end of the day. This will mean some congestion in the parking lot, so students are asked to be careful trying to find their bus.
Library: Still 58 library books to be returnedPlease return ASAP. Teachers an updated blue list will be in your mailboxes this am. All library monitors are invited to a pizza party at noon today in the library

Band Announcements:
1.  Would Cheyenne Vessey and Eden McFadden please bring band sweaters to the band room immediately following announcements.   

*Grade 9 Jazz band students are asked to please return all sheet music to the band room this week as well. 

2.  All grade 7 and 8 band books and sheet music must be passed in during final band classes this week.   

3.  Grade 9 instruments have now been returned.  Grade 8 band students who would like to trade their instruments for newer ones are asked to come to the band room today between 12:35 and 12:55.  You must return your current instrument before signing out a new one. Grade 7’s will be given the opportunity to trade instruments during lunch break tomorrow.  No instruments will be reassigned after Wednesday of this week.


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