Thurs. Day 5

Cafeteria:  Students can still eat in the cafeteria but no products will be available for purchase.
“Yearbooks Have Arrived!   Students who are still wishing to purchase a yearbook may do so for a cost of $32 (cash is preferred). Yearbooks will be on sale in the lobby during noon hour all this week. Don’t miss out on a chance to get your book of Stonepark memories.”
Library:  There are 46 library books to be returned ASAPEither return or pay the replacement cost. The library is officially closed for this school year
Band Announcements:

1.  All band instruments must be taken home for the summer.  Please make sure that you take your band instrument home with you on your last day of school.  Instruments that are left behind may be assigned to new students.
2.  All grade 7 and 8 band books and music must be returned to the band room by the end of the day today.
Students/Bowl: Students are reminded that if you go into the bowl at lunch time, you are not to hang out on the far side or end of the bowl or up near the tree line and the neighboring properties. You need to be on the side of the bowl nearest the school or in front of the school. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

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