Thurs. Day 3

Cafeteria:     Oven Baked Lasagna
Winner of “I wish I could win” is:  Delaynie Hennessey of 8G.
Her wish is – The K – it Drawing Horses and Ponies.  Please go to the library for your wish.
Today’s book quote is:
“If I win, I’m a prodigy.  If I lose, then I am mad.  That’s the way history is written.”
Enter your book guess quote in the library.
Girls Field Hockey Team:
1)  Good luck to the Girls Field Hockey Team as they play in the Gold Medal game today, and to the Boys and Girls Soccer Teams as they play for gold on Friday. Mr. Beck and Mrs. Burry have a friendly challenge with Principals and the female VP’s from the opposing schools where the losing team has to wear the winning team’s jersey for the day. Mr. Beck and Mrs. Burry have made it abundantly clear that they do not want to see any Coyotes, Cobras, or Storm jerseys in the school next week. They don’t agree with Tigers very well. On a serious note, we hope that all of our athletes enjoy their experience and represent the school as well as they always do. Feel free to come on out and support them in their athletic pursuits.
2)  Would teachers please excuse members of the girls field hockey team at 1:45 as they play in the provincial gold medal game at 3:10 at Cornwall turf. Best of luck girls!
Stonepark’s Own Rock Band:  You may have had the chance to listen to Stonepark’s own rock band “Ripped Paper” the other day at lunch in the cafeteria. They were great! Get up early tomorrow as they will be performing on Island Morning Friday Oct 26th. Listen to CBC Radio’s “Island Morning” tomorrow morning around 7:00 and you’ll get to hear the boys from “Ripped Paper” play a few of their tunes. We wish the boys well and hope they score a recording contract soon…
Girls AA Soccer:   Meeting at reading period in the lobby.
Girls Volleyball Team:  Today, the girls have a game at East Wiltshire @ 3:30 pm.  Please excuse the students at 2:15 to catch their taxis at 2:30 (back door).  Good Luck Ladies.

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