Wed. Day 1

Cafeteria:  Creamy Mac & Cheese with Side Caesar Salad

Stonepark Photography Club: The Stonepark Photography Club will meet in Ms. Gillis’ room on Thursday, November 1st for a short meeting at 12:35.  All those that signed up are welcome to come!

Band: Grade 8 early morning band is cancelled tomorrow (Thursday morning (November 1st) due to Halloween festivities on Wednesday night.

Girls Volleyball: Practice today from 3:00 – 4:00 pm in preparation for their game tomorrow at Q. Charlotte.  Game starts at 4:00 pm

Boys Volleyball Club:  Is cancelled today

Girls Field Hockey Team:  Members of our soccer, cross country and field hockey teams are asked to please return team uniforms to Mr. Campbell or Mrs. Steele by the end of the week.

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