Thurs. Day 1 Announcements

Cafeteria:   Chinese Food (Egg Roll, Veggie Rice & Chicken Balls)
Community Fundraiser: There is a community fundraiser taking place on Friday November 30th at the Murphy Centre, and the organizers are planning a Kids Talent Show as part of the evening’s events from 6:30-8:30. They already have some acts confirmed, but they are looking for 4-5 more acts – possibly a Lip Synch, or a kid rock band, or a dance group, something entertaining with a bunch of kids involved. If you are interested in being a part of that evening, please see Mr. Beck.
Home For The Holidays:
Students wishing to attend the Home for the Holidays performance on Dec 14th, need to pay $8 to their homeroom teacher by Friday November 16th. We need to have this money paid well in advance as there is a strong demand for tickets, and we will have to release any unused tickets back to the organizers as soon as possible
Today’s topic:
In our continuing conversation about Media Awareness, today’s topic is:
Knowing your real friends.
We all need to know that, online, we can’t be 100% sure of who we’re talking to, so we should never accept friend requests from people we don’t know in real life. Online friends can end up accessing online photo albums, reading personal comments, copying and pasting information, knowing what we’re doing and where we are.  A “friend” of a “friend” of a real-life friend is really just a stranger! Hopefully, our conversation this week has sparked some conversation in class, in the hallways, or at the dinner table at home.  Continue to talk about media awareness, educate yourselves, and keep an open conversation with your friends and especially your parents!

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