Stonepark School

Friday, Day 4 Announcements


Cafeteria:   Baked Fish, mashed potatoes & veggie

Stonepark’s Got Talent: Students interested in putting an act in the annual Stonepark’s Got Talent on Friday Dec 21st in the afternoon are asked to forward their names to Mrs. Gallant, lower floor Grade 8 or to Mrs. Smith, lower floor House 7. The act can be of any variety: singing, dancing, acrobatics, lip sync, comedy routine, etc;. Let’s get out, have some fun, and let others know of the talents that we have in the school.

Bar Sales:   Today we will be selling chocolate bars at break time and lunch time, with all proceeds going to “Needy Families” at Christmas time.  Price of the chocolate bars are $1.00.

Library: The second day of the Read In is here!  we are pleased to welcome Chuck MacPherson to Stonepark.  His presentation is period 1 & 2 in the library this morning. Unfortunately Bruce Rainey cancelled, but will be here in the near future. Enter the Who I Reading What? contest in the library and have a chance to win movie money.  The classes attending Chuck MacPherson’s first period are 8B 7I and 7H.  Period Two – 9G 7F 7J and 7A

Bullying Awareness Week:  A big thank you goes out to the Stonepark Leadership Team, under the guidance of Mrs. Lyons and Candice MacKenzie, for their work during our Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. There were many excellent activities done by the group to bring awareness to this important cause and they are to be commended on their excellent work.