Wed. Day 4 Announcements

Cafeteria:  Baked Ham, mashed potatoes and veggies. –  As well – Christmas Turkey Dinner tickets will be on sale till Friday of this week. Price of the dinner is $5.75.
Stonepark Gives Back 2012-13
:The finalists for Stonepark Gives Back 2012-13 have been made. Teachers are reminded to share background information for IWK, Children’s Wish, Wadeng (Jacob Deng’s movement in Africa), and The Humane Society, on the lcd’s with students during Reading Period. The school wide vote (students and staff) will be held this Friday December 14th, during Reading, and we will announce the winners shortly thereafter. Thanks for your assistance with this worthwhile venture.
Library: Today we welcome CBC’s Bruce Rainnie to our school.  He will be speaking to students in the library periods 3&4 as part of Read In.
Pre-Order Yearbooks: A reminder to all students that you can pre-order yearbooks in the lobby today and tomorrow from 12:05-12:35. Cost is $28 for non personalized and $32 for personalized
Something To Think About:
12|12|12: The last such date you and I will see in our lifetime
Next such repetitive date will occur on January 1, 2101, when the date will be   01/01/01  – Yes it’s true.
– There is no 13th month on the calendar, and after Wednesday’s (today) 12/12/12, the   next such repetitive date will occur on January 1, 2101, when the date will be 01/01/01 again.
-That is a good 88 years away.
– Add that ‘88’ to your current age, and with a hand on your heart, tell me that you  expect to live that long. Unfortunately for a majority of us, tomorrow is the last such  repetitive date that we will see in our lifetime. Why not make the most of it, then?
Girls Phys Ed.:  The following girls Phys. Ed classes will swim at CARI pool tomorrow morning.  Cost of the swim is $4.00: 8AB, 7AD, 9GE, 8CF

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