Tues. Day 1 Announcements

Cafeteria:   Meatloaf  – Mashed Potatoes and Veggie

Pink T-Shirts: The pink t-shirts (Stonepark’s contest) with the winning anti-bullying message, will be on sale in the lobby at break (starting tomorrow morning – Tues.) until Jan 31st. Homeroom teachers have a sample of what the shirts will look like, and we will have some samples on hand for the sale. Cost is $10 with $1 from the sale of each t-shirt going to Stonepark Gives Back. Students and staff will be able to wear these shirts as part of the National Pink Shirt Day which is coming up on Feb 27th.  Let’s all support two great causes with the purchase of these shirts.

Attention Skiers and Snowboarders: There are still 18 spots left of the bus going to Brookvale this Friday night. Get your money and permissions to Mme Labelle at morning break today to secure your spot.

Dodgeball: The  grade 7 boys dodgeball tournament continues today with the following games:  12:20  Mustache men vs.  Greg and the Boys  12:35    BTTW vs.  loser of the first game

Fundraiser for Madagascar:  Lila Willdey will be selling candy kebabs tomorrow at break and lunch for $1.00 and $2.00.

Grad Picture Money: Thursday, January 24th, is the last day for all Grad Picture money to be passed in.

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