Stonepark School

Tues. Day 6 Announcements


Cafeteria:   Hot Chicken & Fries with veggies.  Soup:  Corn Chowder

Pink T-Shirts: Stonepark’s pink t-shirts will be on sale in the lobby at break until Jan 31st. Cost is $10 with $1 from the sale of each t-shirt going to Stonepark Gives Back. Students and staff will be able to wear these shirts as part of the National Pink Shirt Day which is coming up on Feb 27th.  Let’s support two great causes with the purchase of these shirts.

Anti-Bullying:  Students in schools across the island are invited to participate in an anti-bullying video contest. This is a joint initiative between Crimestoppers and the PEI Rocket. Contest details can be found on posters in the lobby on the bulletin board as well as on the stairs. The posters can also be found on the window of each VP’s office. Personnel from Crimestoppers and the Rocket will be here on Feb 4th to explain the project further and provide more details. Good luck to all participants.

Band: Mrs.Peters is not in today so jazz band is canceled today after school and will be rescheduled. Grade 8’s are asked to follow their regular band schedule today and to come prepared for a full band rehearsal during the school day tomorrow.

The A Girls Basketball:  Scrimmage at Sherwood School is canceled today.