One Hour Delay for Bus Transporation

 **** A further announcement was made at 3:30 pm – the Bus Students and Walk Students will be delayed for another 1/2 hr.  which is:  one and one half hours in total. Buses will be  here in the area of 4:30 pm to pick up students.The delay has been extended an additional half hour to allow the salt to take affect now that the temperature is above 0.

The buses in the English Language School board will be operating with a one hour delay this afternoon to allow road conditions to improve.  A further announcement will be made to confirm the delay is only one hour. Parents and guardians are advised that children will be arriving home later than usual today.

Staff are requested to stay at the school to accommodate this special situation. If staff have individual urgent circumstances and must leave at the regular time, principals are asked to make the necessary arrangements.   We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.All practices at the school for  this evening are canceled
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