ARISS (Int’l Space Stn.)

Stonepark Grade Nine Students will have an opportunity to talk to real, live, space-walking astronaut in 2013!  Indeed, Stonepark is fortunate to have the unique opportunity to connect, via radio, to the International Space Station, with Canadian Colonel Chris Hadfield at the helm!  As of September 11, 2012, Stonepark’s proposal to embark on this mission was given approval by NASA.

A.R.I.S.S. stands for Amateur Radio on the International Space Station.  This is the means by which students will communicate with the space station.  You can click the link to learn a bit more about this.

The International Space Station orbits our planet once every 90 minutes and in late January or early February, Stonepark will be in communication with its Commander, Chris Hadfield.  During this ten-minute timeframe, a number of questions will be asked of Colonel Hatfield while he is aboard the Space Station and in relative proximity to our school.  This will be a substantial event in the history of our school and province!

Grade nine students are invited to design and submit interesting questions to your science teachers.  Students whose questions are chosen will have the chance to ask your question directly on the day of communication.  Even if your question is not chosen, you will still be a part of the big day as an audience participant for the event.

To assist you in formulating some ideas, please have a browse of some of the following material:

Your questions must be submitted to your science teachers sometime in October (deadline to be announced later).

Good luck – it’s going to be a great experience for all.